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The Emergency Management Conference is over for another year after a successful – if different – 2 weeks. Next year’s dates have been announced so keep these dates free:  

Emergency Management Conference 2021
6 – 7 JULY 2021

Pullman Albert Park, Melbourne

With the extended COVID-19 restrictions in Melbourne it is uncertain that meeting limits will allow us to proceed with the Emergency Management Conference at the Pullman Albert Park on 6th & 7th October as planned.

Whilst it is disappointing that we can’t all be in the same venue to meet and network and share our experiences as usual, we are confident that we can provide an informative and memorable experience in a webcast format.

It will be held over two weeks, for two days each week:

Tuesday 29th September & Wednesday 30th September
Tuesday 6th October & Wednesday 7th October

There will be two 2 hour sessions each day, with four speakers in each. There will be a short Q&A after each presentation.

About the conference

Emergencies over the last twelve months have shown again that learning lessons, planning and communicating effectively during emergencies is critical to the preservation of life, property and communities.  Whatever the outcomes, it is vital that the emergency management sector continually reviews and assesses its effectiveness.  What worked well, and what didn’t quite hit the mark?  What did we learn, and how can we all respond and engage even better in the future?


EMC 2020 will explore the recent events in Australia and overseas, and will give delegates the opportunity to learn and reflect on the experiences of their colleagues and peers in bushfires, heatwaves, severe storms and cyclones, smoke events, volcanic eruptions and more.

About EMC

The Emergency Management Conference (EMC) has been a landmark event for the past 20 years in Melbourne as the annual gathering for management and operations staff and volunteers from all Victorian emergency services. It is also attended by Emergency Management personnel from state and local government, NGOs and other recovery agencies.

Bringing together emergency management professionals and subject matter experts over two days, EMC offers insight, reflection, understanding and motivation across a wide range of topics and emergency management incidents. 

Over 500 delegates attended in 2019, making EMC Melbourne one of the biggest events of its type. Now in it’s 20th year EMC is looking to be the emergency management event of the year.


The EMC Melbourne conference has has a long history with ESF proudly presenting each year’s conference since the very first one.

Victoria’s emergency management sector works as one to protect Victorian communities.

The Emergency Service Foundation (ESF) supports emergency services to prevent, promote and address the incidence and impact of mental injury for the 125,000 volunteers and paid staff who serve us.

While every employer has responsibility for looking after the safety and well-being of their people, ESF focuses on building collaborative approaches to discover and address sector-wide issues causing a high incidence of mental injury.

They demand a collaborative, dedicated and sustained approach to strengthen our efforts, and better protect those who protect us.

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