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Scheduled Webinars:


3 September 2020

11.00 am (AEST)

Focusing on the system: enabling Victoria’s emergency management learning and continuous improvement culture

Tony Pearce, Victoria’s Inspector-General for Emergency Management

Victoria’s emergency management sector has in recent years built a continuous improvement and learning culture. This culture, and the systems and frameworks that underpin it place our state in a good position to identify opportunities for improvement then embed them into policy and practice.

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Tony Pearce

Tony Pearce was appointed Victoria’s first Inspector-General for Emergency Management in July 2014.

For nearly 40 years he has worked in intelligence, security and emergency/crisis management performing senior operational functions in a number of Victorian emergency service organisations before moving to senior crisis coordination and policy positions. Tony has held a number of senior roles in both state and federal government including four years in the role of Director-General, Emergency Management Australia.

Tony is also a current Blue Ribbon Day Council Board Member and Emergency Services Foundation Board Member.

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