Victoria depends on the skills and dedication of 139,000 emergency service and management staff and volunteers to support the community to prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies. To do that work effectively, people need to be mentally healthy.

The Emergency Services Foundation (ESF) is the only organisation with a dedicated focus and whole of sector perspective on improving mental health and wellbeing for the emergency services sector.

ESF seeks to get ahead of the mental harm and injury threat that currently pervades the sector.  The focus is on prevention and early intervention.  To achieve this aim, ESF leads initiatives that translate research into innovative evidence-informed practice and programs and works collaboratively with the agencies so people right across the sector benefit.  The Emergency Management Conference is one of ESF’s key initiatives.

As a not-for-profit umbrella organisation, ESF brings the sector together to leverage collaboration for sector wide benefit.

The ESF Stakeholder Council includes:

•  Victoria Police
•  Fire Rescue Victoria
•  Country Fire Authority
•  Emergency Recovery Victoria
•  Ambulance Victoria
•  Victoria State Emergency Service
•  Forest Fire Management Victoria
•  Emergency Management Victoria
•  Inspector-General for Emergency Management
•  Triple Zero Victoria
•  Life Saving Victoria
•  Red Cross Emergency Services
•  VCC Emergencies Ministry
•  St John Ambulance
•  Wildlife Victoria (associate member)

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